Hypnotherapy  Reveals
 Your Possibilities

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Peel Away Self Limiting  Beliefs
You Then Create Clarity And An Enhanced Life


Everyone gets curious sometime about something in their life. I Invite you to focus on a moment in your life when curiosity led you forward into a new experience and as a result of that curious moment you created change in your joy,  wisdom or quality of life. I know you are curious about change, as you are reading this.

You know how it goes, you turn the page in a  book, led onward by curiosity and find out who the hero is,  you move forward on a hiking trail, curious to see what's beyond the bend, and as you round the curve,  you inhale crisp , clean air, and that is oxygenated joy filling your lungs as you see a beautiful valley with a clear lake and the sun, sparkling like diamonds, flash dancing on the water, filling your eyes with the sheer beauty of the moment flowing into you.   When there is curiosity and commitment, there are no periods, no staying inside punctuated limitations, no stopping the flow of transformation. 

Kick up your heels and keep imagining. The blue sky of it, the scampering clouds of it, the wind against your skin of it, the sound of a page turning. Now fill all this delightful imagining with the wafting  scent of  chocolate chip cookies baking. You've walked by bakeries where that enticing smell entranced you into to purchasing a whole bag of deliciousness.

You have all the tools within you to imagine and create change.

You never know when you wake in the morning, when you will become your hero, round a bend, or  be transformed.  

It can be any day.  It can be today.
Imagine that.


You can be curious about hypnosis, it can be a real page turner in your life. Lead you around the bend,  It is curiously fascinating, fun, and life enhancing. It is as enticing as the wafting of chocolate chip cookies! Imagine that!! With all due joy, I invite you to be curious, go around the bend,  turn a page and schedule a Hypnotherapy session SOON.

jo gentry
I am certified in Hypnotherapy with Marilyn Gordon. I am certified in NLP with Tim Hallbom. I am certified in EFT with Lindsey Kinney. I am also a certified Massage Therapist.